Ferrets are curious and playful creatures, and they have an innate instinct to burrow and hide in small spaces. Tunneling is a natural behavior for ferrets, and it provides them with a sense of security and comfort. In this article, we will explore why pet ferrets like to tunnel and what you can do to provide them with enjoyable tunneling experiences.

Ferrets are Natural Burrowers

Ferrets are members of the Mustela family and are descendants of the European polecat. They are natural burrowers, and in the wild, they would use their tunnels to hide from predators, escape from the hot sun, and sleep. Ferrets are territorial animals, and their burrowing behavior is also linked to marking their territory. By digging and burrowing, ferrets can leave their scent in their environment, which provides them with a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Pet Ferrets Love to Dig and Burrow – For Good or Bad

When ferrets are kept as pets, they often exhibit their natural tunneling behavior by digging in their bedding, hiding in their cages, or burrowing under furniture. This behavior can be both entertaining and destructive, but it is essential to understand that tunneling is an essential part of a ferret’s life. Pet owners can help meet their ferrets’ tunneling needs by providing them with appropriate and safe tunneling opportunities – instead of your brand new couch!

Ferret Tunnel Toys are Always a Hit

One way to provide ferrets with a safe and enjoyable tunneling experience is by offering them tunnel toys. Tunnel toys are specially designed to cater to a ferret’s natural burrowing instincts and provide them with a secure and comfortable hiding place. These toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and some even have multiple exits and entrances for added excitement.

Some of the best tunnel toys for ferrets include the following:

Ferret Nation Play Tunnel for Ferrets: This tunnel toy is made of durable and washable fabric and is designed to fit into most ferret cages or you can use it outside the cage. It offers ferrets a secure and spacious tunneling experience, and it can also be used to provide a hiding place for your pet during times of stress.

Ferret Nation Ferret Tunnel
Ferret Nation Ferret Tunnel

Marshall Ferret Super Thru-Way: This is fun for both the ferret and you!  This clear plastic tube will quickly become your ferret’s favorite toy and a sought-after tunnel as soon as they’re out of the cage.  Put it on the floor and watch your ferret crawl back and forth having a blast!

Marshall Ferret Super Thru-Way
Marshall Ferret Super Thru-Way

In addition to providing ferrets with tunnel toys, it is also important to provide them with a safe and secure environment. Ferrets should always be supervised when they are playing and tunneling, and their toys should be checked regularly for any signs of wear and tear. It is also essential to provide ferrets with a spacious cage and plenty of bedding, as this will encourage their natural burrowing behavior and provide them with a secure and comfortable environment.

By providing ferrets with tunnel toys and a safe and secure environment, pet owners can help meet their ferrets’ tunneling needs and provide them with enjoyable and stimulating experiences. With the right toys and environment, ferrets can enjoy hours of fun and play, and pet owners can enjoy watching their pets explore and engage in their natural behaviors.

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