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Welcome to FerretOutfitters.com!

Believe it or not, ferrets are the 3rd most popular pet and have been for quite some time.  We should know, we founded one of the very first online pet stores way back in 1994 that catered exclusively to… you guessed it… ferrets!

In 2006, we sold our online store to the biggest name in pet stores – both online and bricks-and-mortar but we continued to be advocates for these furry critters who brought us so much joy and happiness over the years.  Having catered to ferret owners around the world, we have a vast amount of knowledge and built up a library of content over the decades that we’re happy to share with you.

Here’s a couple of things to note:

  • We’re not vets!  So don’t take our articles as “medical advice.”  The information contained on our site is written from a ferret owner’s perspective with things that you may find helpful in raising your own furry critters.  In the event of a medical emergency with your pet we encourage you to call your veterinarian right away.
  • All ferrets aren’t created equal!  Just like your kids, your furry ones are unique.  For example, our ferret litter training tips may work great for our ferrets, you may find these tips may not work on yours, or you’re finding it take a bit more time.
  • We’re not vets! We have to repeat that again, so don’t take our articles or tips as medical or professional veterinary advice.
  • We may make money off your visit! Hey, this is the Internet after all, so when you see an ad, click on a link, buy a product, we may make some cash.  Now, we probably won’t make enough to cover a cup of coffee once a month, the people who make WAY more money than we ever will off this site in the government, tell us we have to tell you that your click on an ad may make us a few cents.  We’re also required to post a link to our affiliate and advertising disclosure which if you find yourself really, really bored… you can read here.  But do it quick, your ferret just woke up from his nap and wants to play.
  • We’re not vets! Can’t stress that enough, now can we?

Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way… if you want to contact us, just fill out the form below and once we’re done cleaning litter pans, we’ll respond!

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you keep coming back for more great ferret information and advice (oh, by the way…. we’re not vets!).